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Lauren Roth Art Boutique will also be a place for emerging and established Artists to display their work. The strong sense of community in the Hawaii Art scene has always been something that I have been grateful for, and what has helped me to grow as an artist. I knew with the store opening I wanted to create a space for others to thrive as well. Learn more about our featured artists below!

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Sarah Caudle

Sarah is a seascape artist who creates a visual escape to paradise for others to find a sense of peace, happiness, and aloha. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia with a background in design and sustainability, she moved to Honolulu, Hawaii where she followed her dreams of being an artist and designer.


Heather Almeda is a painter inspired by photographs she snaps around the Island. Her favorite subjects are tropical flowers, papayas, cute houses, and the beach. She enjoys the process of creating abstraction within realism, leaning towards bold strokes and colors that leave space for imagination and play.


Kim Sielbeck

Kim is an illustrator, painter, and surface designer. She was born in Alaska, and moved all around the U.S. in a Coast Guard family. Kim was greatly influenced by her few years living in Hawaii as a child, and recently moved back after eleven years in New York City.


Kristen of Lola Pilar received a B.A. in film from Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura. She cut her teeth a little further south as a staff photographer at Quicksilver in Huntington Beach, California. After moving home, and a few years of running her own wedding photography business on Oahu, and obsession grew from traditional Hawaiian quilts.


Mariko Merrit

Mariko works in Honolulu as an artist, illustrator and graphic designer, and creates whimsical Hawaii- and nature-inspired ceramics and greeting cards for her line, Beachcake.

Mariko studied graphic design at Rhode Island School of Design. It was awesome.